We are Tamara Twist. We add that little twist to your health videos.

We are Tamara Twist.
We add that little twist to your health videos.

We’re good at making medical content.
That’s our focus!

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Creative Health TV

We do a lot of stuff, …but only on 1 topic: Health!


We make video from A to Z: from recording to subtitling. We’re a so called ‘one-stop-shop’: all the expertise is in the house. 2D, 3D or even virtual reality? No problem.


During a year me organize more than x webinars: virtual speaker tours, webinars at location, hybrid events, webinars in our own studio, …. We do this on very different platforms: ZOOM, Teams, Big Marker, You tube, Vimeo, …


It’s a young and refreshing way of communication: podcasts. We made podcasts for doctors and others Health Care Professionals. But also podcasts and e-books for patients and their family.


You have already a video but it needs some extra’s, … subtitling, dubbing, translation of graphics, adding approval numbers, …. Or your low quality video needs some pimping? You know who to call.

Swinging into action

At Tamara Twist we aren’t very fond of routine. You can find us working here, there and everywhere. Don’t be surprised to find us in the operating theatre, at a medical conference, at the bedside of a patient or even in some far-flung corner of the world.

Our Work

A great deal of our work is allocated to physicians. It can’t be shown on a public website.
So, … here’s some of our work that is accessible for a broader public.


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Aftermovie: Mici Move Trophy

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Social problem in Benin due to a flower!

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Le syndrome de l’intestin court

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Alzheimer Testimonial

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Leven met MPN: Verhalen van patiënten

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Launch of website for HCP’s

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Presentation of the moveUP app in The Netherlands

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FR Osteoporosis Awareness video for pharmacies

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How to do a breast selfcheck?

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Promo for webinar on ‘Working from home and your metal health’

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Trailer for TV-show on ‘low-cost IVF treatment in Africa’

Your medical video made by Tamara Twist?

Happy clients.

Tamara is social

All-in one!

That’s the idea of the studios at Plateau 3. Stage manager, cutter, soundguy, producer, make up artist, streaming technician, director,… Everyone knows his/her job!

We have our own studios

We have our own professional studios. They’re located at Plateau 3 in Zaventem. Three different sets at one location. Everything you need to start streaming a webinar is in the house. Make your choice:

Greenkey Studio

360° view coming soon

A Formal Setup

Meet the team

We work with a trusted pool of professional cameramen, sound engineers, directors and technicians. Sometimes we work ‘high end’ – that’s when a generous budget is available – but we’re just as capable of working our magic on more limited resources. In such cases Tamara adopts a DIY approach. Do It Yourself! One medical journalist takes on the job of cameraman, sound engineer and editor. 3 for the price of 1!

Jan Van Parijs

Jan has been a medical journalist, TV presenter and director since the late 90s. He worked for TV stations such as Vitaya, CANVAS, Télé Bruxelles or Canal Z.

If you are a medical professional you may be familiar with his work for Wunderman, Mevipro, M Touch, Artsenkrant and various pharmaceutical companies.

Emilie Vrebos

Emilie gained three years of experience working at DPG Media/VTM and now works as a production assistant at Tamara Twist. She prepares all the behind the scenes aspects, makes the scripts for the technical team and maintains our social media accounts. Her job also includes contacting the clients, preparing the speakers and reassure them. Her main job? Making sure everything runs smoothly on set.

It's teamwork

For every Tamara Twist project we look for the right guy or girl to do job. Everyone has his/her own expertise. That’s why we work with people and companies like: Igor De Baecke, Kristof Braekeleire, Cmore, Oliver Moreels, Tielevisie, Ward Collin, Astemblief, Phoebe De Corte, Marc Boon, Bart Van De Werf, Option Media, Piet De Meulemeester, PFL, Beatrice Marlier, Enno Jambers, Mik Van Bruystegem, La Vita Studios, Guy De Hainaut, Earit, … One by one, they are all professionals!

Social responsibility program of Tamara, … reducing our carbon footprint

We travel a lot! So, … just by doing what we do, we produce a lot of carbon. Tamara Twist promises that all the projects that we do outside of Belgium, are made in a ‘CO₂ neutral way’. We do this by planting trees for every ton of CO₂ we produce.

We made the first-ever Carbon Neutral TV documentary in the EU. Watch the ‘making of’

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Contact us.


+32 475 62 18 57

Elst 36, 3320 Hoegaarden
VAT: BE 0473 507 775

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A Cozy Salon Studio

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A Formal Setup Studio

Move your mouse to see the 360° view